Jeremy Van Caulart Jan 22, 2021 3:05:24 PM 4 min read

Functions of a REALTOR®

REALTOR®'s are more than personal home shoppers. While they do search for homes, research, and preview homes it's not their only function.


Writing & Reviewing Offers

Offers are lengthy complex legal documents that need interpretation. Realtor's read, prepare, and review offers to ensure they're good for their clients.

They're trained to understand the legality (or lack thereof) of the offer clauses. Good Realtors will know which clauses mean trouble and will remove/re-negotiate them.



Good Realtors will negotiate a price for you on your home purchase or sale. They will also negotiate any of the different aspects of the offer to favour their clients.

Negotiation isn't a skill taught in real estate school. It's often learned by the practice when negotiating contracts. Proven industry experience or previous business experience is beneficial when choosing a Realtor.



On the listing side, a Realtor has to be an expert digital marketer. If they're not, they should be working with a proven digital marketing company.

Marketing is how homes get sold. Marketing is not advertising. Your Realtor must understand digital marketing.

Here is a post on why.



Good Realtors are also great resources. They'll be able to connect you with industry professionals.

If you need a painter, they should know one. Cleaners? Check. Home inspectors? on speed dial. Your agent should have their finger on the pulse.



Realtors should be able to ease the pressure of buying/selling a home. This can come in many different forms.

They can keep their clients calm during tense negotiations. They can create a buffer between their clients and unnecessary comments/drama. They can be there for their clients when their clients cannot.

As you can see, a Realtor is much more than a home shopper. The responsibility they assume is great. Their magic happens in the time between finding the perfect home and moving in.

A great Realtor will have your back through the entire process. They'll ensure you're getting exactly what you need (even if you don't know it).


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